Held at the Woodman Point Recreation Camp in Perth on Thursday 6 October, 2016, commencing at 7.45pm.
1. Opening and welcome
ANN Steering Committee Chair, Pam Ghirardi, opened the meeting and welcomed those present.

2. Attendance and apologies
Seventy-six naturalists signed the attendance sheet, consisting of 75 from the following twenty-three network member groups and one international participant, from the Virginia Master Naturalists, USA.
ACT/Canberra Field Nats (2) Dubbo FN&CS (1) Sale & District FNC (4)
Alice Springs FNC (3) FNC Victoria (1) Stanthorpe FNC (2)
FNC Ballarat (6) Geelong FNC (2) Tasmanian FNC (3)
Bendigo FNC (3) Hamilton FNC (4) Timboon FNC (1)
Burnie FNC (2) Latrobe Valley FNC (3) Toowoomba FNC (1)
Castlemaine FNC (2) Launceston FNC (2) WA Naturalists Club (12)
Central North (Tas) FNC (1) Portland FNC (2) Warrnambool FNC (1)
Chinchilla FNC/ Qld NC (15) Qld NC & Fassifern FNC (2)
Ian & Roma Edwards, Bob Read, Jocelin Smallwood

3. Minutes of the previous general meeting
The minutes of the meeting held in Hobart on 25 October, 2014, as previously circulated, were confirmed. (Moved Eddie Dell (WANATC), seconded Lucy Mandyczewsky (WANATC))

4. Business arising
4.1 Natural environment issues of concern at a national level
The Secretary, Phil Rayment, advised that he had (as instructed) written to the then Prime Minister and Minister for the Environment to convey the concerns of network members over (i) the possibility that the federal government would move to hand back powers under the EPBC Act to the states, and (ii) the absence of a Minister for Science in the federal ministry (as of the time of the Hobart meeting).
The reply from the Prime Minister’s Department expressed the government’s concern for threatened species and advised that the Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt, had appointed Australia’s first Threatened Species Commissioner to help address the growing number of native species facing extinction. Greg Hunt’s own reply asserted that the “OneStop Shop” policy for environmental approvals being implemented through bilateral agreements with each state/territory would streamline assessment and approval processes “while maintaining high environmental standards under the EPBC Act”. (Copies of both letters are available from the Secretary if required.)
5. Reports
5.1 2014 Get-Together held in Hobart, hosted by the Tasmanian Field Naturalists Club Phil Rayment noted that the 2014 Get-Together, in which approx. 70 interstate and 20 Tasmanian naturalists participated, was highly successful both in terms of the program of field activities/ evening talks and organisationally. It appears that a small surplus was achieved.
5.2 ANN Web-master
Robert Read was not able to be present, but indicated that he welcomes material from network clubs and any suggestions for website content.
5.3 ANN Register Coordinator
John Gregurke requested those present to check a circulated hard copy of the current Register and to annotate any updates/ corrections required. He also would welcome any information about any potential new member organisations of the network.
5.4 ANN Camp account
In the absence of Denis Thurgood (SEANA Treasurer), who looks after the ANN Camp account on the ANN Steering Committee’s behalf, Phil Rayment noted that the current practice is for seeding funds to be passed from one ANN Get-Together host club to the next host via the ANN Camp account. Don Poynton (ANN 2016 Treasurer) reported that the $2,000 seeding funds received by WANATC fell way short of covering advance payments, necessitating a loan from their own club reserves. He suggested that the Steering Committee consider ways of enlarging the sum able to be provided as seeding funds for future GetTogethers.
6. Election of Steering Committee office bearers and ordinary members for 2016-2018
Chair Pam Ghirardi first called for nominations for the positions of Chairperson, Secretary, Web-master and Register Coordinator for 2016-2018.
Chairperson: Nominated – Jeff Campbell, moved John Gregurke, seconded Jolanda Keeble and declared elected.
Secretary: Nominated – Phil Rayment, moved Claire Dalman, seconded Julie Parker and declared elected.
Web-master: Nominated (in his absence but with consent) – Robert Read, moved Phil Rayment, seconded Roslyn Steel and declared elected.
Register Coordinator: Nominated – John Gregurke, moved Claire Dalman, seconded Eddie Dell and declared elected.
The following nominations for ordinary membership were also declared elected:
Pam Ghirardi – moved Lucy Mandyczewsky, seconded Kath Truscott
Peter Dalman – moved Gill Bremner, seconded Leoni Read
Frank Truscott – moved Eddie Dell, seconded Jolanda Keeble
Eddie Dell – moved Peter Dalman, seconded Don Poynton

7. General business
7.1 Planning for 2018 ANN Get-Together
John Gregurke (FNC Ballarat) announced an offer for the 2018 Get-Together to be held in Victoria under the auspices of SEANA, which was received with acclamation. He reported that an organising sub-committee has been established, and that at this early stage of planning it is envisaged that the event will be held in the Spring and possibly involve two bases in the west/south-west of the state.
7.2 Motion of thanks to the Western Australian Naturalists Club
Chair Pam Ghirardi moved, and Secretary Phil Rayment seconded, a vote of appreciation to the WA Nauralists for hosting such a fantastically well organised and successful 2016 GetTogether and supporting pre- and post- tours. Thanks are due particularly to all the organising committee members including Margaret Larke (Secretary) and Don Poynton (Treasurer) and especially Jolanda Keeble (Chair) who devoted an enormous amount of time and energy both in the extended planning period and during the event.
7.3 Any other business
7.3.1 Tribute to the late E R (Dick) Southcombe, OAM
Incoming Steering Committee Chair Jeff Campbell proposed that the meeting observe a minute’s silence in honour of Dick Southcombe, who passed away on 14 September, 2015 in Geelong. Jeff recalled Dick’s key roles in establishing the nation-wide ANN, in building a national register of naturalist organisations, developing a promotional logo, organising the first Get-Together in Alice Springs in the year 2000 and securing hosts for subsequent events through to 2014.
7.3.2 Vote of thanks to Pam Ghirardi
Lucy Mandyczewsky proposed a vote of thanks to Pam Ghirardi for her work as Steering Committee Chair for 2014-2016 and for her input to the Perth Get-Together.
8. Next meeting
The next general meeting will be held during the 2018 Get-Together in Victoria (venue and date to be advised).

Phil Rayment, Secretary, ANN Steering Committee e-mail: philrayment@dcsi.net.au , phone 03 5174 1730