ANN Steering Committee minutes 6 September 2021

Summary Notes for meeting of ANN Steering Committee held via Zoom on
Monday 6 th September 2021 commencing at 7:30 pm AEST

Membership: Geoff Lay (Chair; FNC Victoria), Phil Rayment (Secretary; Latrobe Valley FNC),
John Gregurke (Register Coordinator; FNC Ballarat), Robert Read (Web-master; Central Northern
Tasmania FNC), Eddie Dell (WA Naturalists Club), Pam Ghirardi (WA Naturalists Club), Jeff Campbell
(Stanthorpe FNC & Tasmania)

  1. Opening and welcome
    Geoff Lay opened the meeting and welcomed those present.
  2. Present: John Gregurke, Geoff Lay, Pam Ghirardi, Phil Rayment
    Apology: Eddie Dell
  3. Reports

3.1 2018 Get-Together and cancellation of ANN2020 and ANN2022
It was noted that ANN2018 in Victoria had been very successful, with 74 participants
from 21 natural history groups meeting over a ten day period from 29 September to 8
October. The program commenced in the Grampians and then continued in the Surf
Coast region, having taken in the Western Volcanic Plains and the Great Ocean Road
during the intervening travels.
It was regretted that ANN2020, which was to be hosted by Stanthorpe FNC, had to be
cancelled due to COVID-19. For a variety of reasons, Stanthorpe FNC advised in August
this year that they would not proceed with their greatly appreciated offer to host ANN. The Steering Committee records its thanks to Stanthorpe FNC for their considerable planning efforts for the 2020 and 2022 Get-Togethers.
It was noted that it would be impractical to seek a new host for 2022.

3.2 ANN Register Coordinator
John Gregurke reported on the on-going maintenance of the on-line Register of Natural
History Groups, which currently includes 51 organisations. Phil Rayment reported the
formation in 2020 of the Macedon Ranges Field Naturalists, noting that he had advised
them of the existence of the SEANA and ANN ‘umbrella’ groups.

3.3 ANN Web-master
In Bob Read’s absence, John Gregurke noted that he had placed the minutes of the 2018
General Meeting held at Anglesea on the website. It needs to indicate cancellation of

3.4 ANN Camp account and Term deposit
Geoff Lay (SEANA Treasurer as ANN accounts manager) reported balances of $10,807 in
the Term Deposit and $2,064 in the Cheque account. Stanthorpe FNC has advised that
they will refund the balance of the seeding funds provided to them.
The key purpose of the ANN accounts is to hold seeding funds for future Get-Togethers.

4. General business

4.1 Future options for ANN Get-togethers

ANN Get-Togethers have been held in every even year from 2000 through to 2018
inclusive. The choice of even years has reflected the fact that ANPSA biennial
conferences have in the past usually been held in odd years. However, following
postponement of their 2021 conference (in NSW) to 2022, this complicates planning for
future ANN Get-Togethers.
Actions: Geoff Lay to contact the ANPSA committee to clarify their planned scheduling of
conferences across coming years.
Phil Rayment to plan a further meeting of the ANN Steering Committee, preferably in
February 2022, to consider their response.

The committee discussed options for the format of future Get-Togethers, bearing in
mind the considerable organizational demands placed on host clubs and the challenges
of securing expert speakers, particularly in regions remote from the capital cities. It was
felt desirable to continue with a ‘weekend to weekend’ format (typically opening
Saturday evening and concluding some time during the Sunday eight days later).
However there is scope to considerably reduce the number of evening lectures, given
that field trips and associated travel typically cover a large part of the day. A rest day
(e.g. Wednesday) is desirable. There is scope to request participants to arrange their
own accommodation (from a suitable list of options) and some meals.

4.2 Recruitment of future host associations, clubs or groups of clubs
Suggestions of possible regions for future Get-Togethers include:
Kangaroo Island, Blue Mountains, SE corner of SA (Mount Gambier, Naracoorte),
Flinders Ranges, Murrumbidgee/Darling/Murray regions of NSW, Kimberley region, FNQ,

4.3 On-going membership of Steering Committee
For discussion at the next meeting.

Phil Rayment, Secretary

APPENDIX: Locations of past ANN Get-Togethers
2000 Alice Springs, organized by Dick Southcombe and SEANA
2002 Northern Tasmania, organized by Launceston FNC
2004 Perth, organized by Darling Range Branch of WANC
2006 High Country, organized by SEANA
2008 Mary River, organized by Northern Territory FNC
2010 Western Downs Queensland, organized by Chinchilla FNC
2012 Canberra, organized by FNA of Canberra
2014 Hobart, organized by Tasmanian FNC
2016 Perth, hosted by WANC
2018 Grampians and Surf Coast, hosted by SEANA

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