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ANN 2018 Get-together Circular No. 3

Saturday 29 September – Monday 8 October 2018
Hosted by:  South East Australian Naturalists’ Association Inc

Thank you for registering to attend the ANN 2018 Get-together in Victoria. We are looking forward to welcoming you here in September-October and showing you the natural history of some special areas in western Victoria.
We have about 80 field naturalists intending to participate in the Get-together. We are
pleased to advise that there will be no change to the previously advised package costs. Final payments are due by 31 July 2018 and a Final Payment Form is attached for your use.
Package 1 Full package.
Includes all transport (transit and excursions), all accommodation and all meals.
Cost: $1310 Deposit: $400 Balance due by 31 July $910
Package 2 Own Transit Transport
Includes all excursion transport, all accommodation and all meals.
Cost: $1120 Deposit: $330 Balance due by 31 July $790
Package 3 Own Transit Transport and own accommodation at Halls Gap and Anglesea.
Includes all excursion transport, accommodation at Deakin Uni, Warrnambool and all meals.
Cost: $735 Deposit: $220 Balance due by 31 July $515
Package 4 Own Transit Transport and Own accommodation.
Includes all excursion transport and all meals.
Cost: $690 Deposit: $210 Balance due by 31 July $480

Arrival on Saturday 29 September

People boarding the bus at Melbourne Airport to travel to Halls Gap will be met by Geoff and Geraldine Harris in T4 Ground Transit Hub, south of terminal building, at 12.50pm to depart by 1.00pm. The bus we will be catching is from POPES Timboon. A map showing terminals and Ground Transit Hub is attached as a separate PDF file. In case of problems contact Geoff 0418 392 183 or Geraldine 0407 663 109.
The bus will arrive at Norval, Halls Gap around 4pm.This will give you time to register and settle in before dinner at 6pm.
People travelling independently to Halls Gap may register at Norval from 3pm. Norval is at 204-232 Grampians Road, Halls Gap; approximately 1.4 km south of the shopping centre on the right hand side travelling south. There is a large sign at the entrance.

What to Bring

This list may help when packing for the Get-together. It is not exhaustive but contains
some items which may be overlooked.

Spring weather in southern Victoria is variable so be prepared for an assortment of conditions. The areas we will visit have about 8 rainy days in September and October. Pack clothing to suit this changeable weather.
Halls Gap Average maximum: 16.7oC   Average minimum: 6.1oC
Anglesea Average maximum:  16.2oC    Average minimum: 8.2oC
Bedding: Rooms at all venues are heated. Sheets, pillow, pillow slip, blanket and towel
are supplied. Cold sleepers may wish to bring hot water bottle/rug/sleeping bag.
Medications, toiletries, earplugs (pink playdough ones are best), travel sickness pills.
Sunscreen, sun hat, sun glasses, insect repellent, fly net.
Water bottle, vacuum flask, mug, lunch box for packed lunch.
Day pack for lunch, drink, camera, binoculars, coat, etc.
Rain coat, warm hat, gloves, scarf, torch or head lamp, walking shoes/boots, warm
socks, warm jacket/jumper, walking pole.
Binoculars, hand lens, reference books and field guides, pens, notebook, batteries
for camera, cords for recharging cameras and mobile phones.
BYO alcohol, soft drinks, snacks.
Note: Norval at Halls Gap and YMCA Recreation Camp at Anglesea are NO NUT venues
– no nuts are to be brought on site.

Proposed program:




Sat 29 Sep

Registration at Norval, Halls Gap from 3pm.

Dinner and Guest Speaker 6pm.

Norval, Halls Gap

Sun 30 Sep

Southern Grampians: The Piccaninny, Henham Track

Norval, Halls Gap

Mon 1 Oct

Northern Grampians: Heatherlie, Mt Zero, Boroka Lookout

Norval, Halls Gap

Tue 2 Oct

Eastern Grampians: Pomonal: Lake Fyans, Jallukar NCR, Bunjils Shelter

Norval, Halls Gap

Wed 3 Oct

Halls Gap to Warrnambool via Mt Eccles & the Victorian Volcanic Plains

Deakin Uni, Warrnambool

Thu 4 Oct

Warrnambool to Anglesea via Great Ocean Rd.

YMCA Camp, Anglesea

Fri 5 Oct

AM free time; PM Serendip Sanctuary, Mt Rothwell Conservation and Research Centre nocturnal animals.

YMCA Camp, Anglesea

Sat 6 Oct

Anglesea coastal features and heathland

YMCA Camp, Anglesea

Sun 7 Oct

Anglesea coastal features and heathland

YMCA Camp, Anglesea

Mon 8 Oct

Depart after 8am breakfast.

Interesting Web Sites

These web sites have some background information about some of the places we will visit during ANN 2018.
Victoria’s Flora (botanical descriptions, photographs and distribution). Very useful to confirm identity of all plants growing naturally in Victoria. Brief instructions for use: select search; clear the search box; enter name of plant (genus, family, or common name will work); enter.
Grampians National Park (Gariwerd) National Heritage listing. Describes natural and cultural history of the Grampians. Good information but the layout is not inviting.

Formation of Grampians Ranges. Clear diagrams and explanation of the geological history of the Grampians.

Victoria’s Geology. A brief summary of Victoria’s geology. The Grampians were formed during the Silurian; Otway basin (Great Ocean Road) in Paleogene; Port Campbell Limestone, seen in the Twelve Apostles during the Neogene and Western District Volcanic Province began in the Late Miocene.

Sites and age of volcanoes of the Victorian Volcanic Plain.

Volcanoes, volcanic rocks and lava flows of Western Victoria

Australian Geographic article “Forged by Fire”

Harman Valley Lookout: A site ANN 2018 will visit.

Formation of Tumuli in Harman Valley: Ken Grimes notes on formation of Tumuli in Harman Valley.

Tower Hill Geology

Great Ocean Road National Heritage listing. Describes natural and cultural history of the Great Ocean Road. Again, good information but the layout is not inviting.
great ocean road national heritage listing
Angair website has a host of interesting information about local flora and fauna. You may like to look at Local Nature Reports in the Activities section to view monthly reports of orchids, flora and fauna going back several years. Find what was seen in spring last year. Angair publications will be available to purchase during ANN 2018.

Mt Rothwell Conservation and Research Centre. A privately owned 420 hectare property of remnant vegetation being managed to conserve threatened fauna.
All previous circulars about the ANN 2018 Get-together are available on the ANN website:
If you have any queries please contact:
John Gregurke email: phone: 0408 353 671
Geraldine Harris email: phone: 0407 663 109
Yours naturally,
ANN 2018 SEANA Sub-Committee.