2018 Get Together

1. Field nats admiring Smoke Bush at Heatherlie Quarry, Grampians (Val Hocking)

2. Grevillea aquifolia– Prickly/ Holly Grevillea with bull ant (Val Hocking)

mint bush at art site- at rear

3. Deep purple Mint Bush at Hollow Mountain Aboriginal art site (Val Hocking)

Venus Baths*

4. Venus Baths (Val Hocking)

5. Friendly kookaburra Halls Gap Botanical gardens (Val Hocking)

6. Grevillea alpina Jallukar Nature Conservation reserve (Val Hocking)

Elaine Gregurke and Joy Dell ( WA)

7. Elaine & Joy sitting on Red Gum root, Jallukar Nature Conservation reserve (Val Hocking)

8. Kangaroos were plentiful at both Halls Gap and Anglesea (Val Hocking)

9. Loch Ard Gorge (Val Hocking)

10. Anglesea surf beach (Val Hocking)

11. our cabins at the YMCA recreation camp Anglesea- (Val Hocking)

12. A bush stone curlew at Serendip Sanctuary (Val Hocking)

13. Point Roadknight beach from the Anglesea coastal walking track (Val Hocking)

14. Afternoon tea break, Ironbark Gorge near Anglesea (Val Hocking)

15. Large Bearded Greenhood Pterostylus unicornis (previously sp. aff. plumosa (Anglesea)) (Val Hocking)

16. Donkey or Wallflower Orchids Diuris orientis (Val Hocking)

17. Spotted Sun Orchid Thelymitra ixoides (Val Hocking)